Race Contacts

This is the link to all contacts for the different races. The VCL is growing at an amazing rate, not only by participants, but by volunteer organizers, too! As such, each venue is organized by a different club.

Before flooding the organizer’s inbox full of emails, please check the alerts page and/or the Facebook page first. Emails should only be directed to race organizers as a last resort or in the case of an emergency.


Caleb Pike (Dr. Walker Cycling Club):

Ryan Arbuckle: drwalkercycling@hotmail.ca

Latoria (Russ Hays Cycling):

Aaron Dusseault: fluff@shaw.ca

Neild Road/Mt.Doug (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club):

John Errington: jandperrington@shaw.ca

Newton Heights (Victoria Wheelers):

Stéphane Tran: teachermantran@gmail.com

Windsor Park (Victoria Wheelers):

Ryan Calbick: rcalbick@gmail.com

Speedway (Tripleshot):

John Taylor: taylorjs@uvic.ca


Trevor Orme: trevor.orme@nbc.ca

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