Windsor Park

The Windsor Park Crit is hosted by the Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club. To access their waiver, please visit the insurance page.

Right in the heart of Oak Bay, this course has been so popular we’ve doubled the amount of races from last year. Spectator friendly and cat A/B/C friendly is what makes Windsor Park such a big hit.

Come out to watch the excitement, or give this course a try! Because this course is flat and fast, it makes this event challenging and fun for all levels.

We’re excited to announce that Windsor Park is taking part in the Axel Merckx Youth Development Foundation 3-day junior stage race. To accommodate the mass number of juniors attending Windsor Park, there will be a slight change in itinerary on July 17th- Please stay posted for alternate race times for Cat A’s, B’s & C’s.

Schedule and race times: (please show up at least 30 minutes early to register)

8:30 – C group: 35 minutes + 5 laps

9:15 – B group: 45 minutes + 5 laps

10:15 – FREE kids race!

10:30 – A group: 60 minutes + 5 laps.

** In the event of an accident during the race and Ambulance on course, the race course will be shut down until it is safe to continue and no vehicular traffic is on route. This might entail and abrupt end or delay of some races, or a chance for racers to rest between laps. Either way, please stay close to the start/finish line if this happens.

There will be prizes for top 3 in each race, plus draw prizes at the end of each race. 

Any questions, email Jenny –

** We are currently in need of some volunteers for this race – we will bribe you with treats! Please email Jenny at:  if you’re able to marshal for one of the races or help with race set-up/take down**


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