Caleb Pike


This race is run by Schwalbe -O2 Cycling Club. To access their insurance forms, please click here.

Directions to Caleb Pike:

From Hwy 1, take the hwy 14 – Millstream Road exit.

Go north on Millstream Road.

Keep LEFT when the road diverges, and stay on Millstream Road. Do not go onto Millstream Lake Road.

Take a left onto Caleb Pike Road. Continue until you see registration at the end of the street. There is a gravel parking lot to park your car.

Please be cautious of cyclists on the road, there are many who ride out to the course.

Directions by bike:

There are a number of cyclists who meet at the switchbridge at 5:00pm sharp to get out to the race.

From there, follow the Goose out towards the highlands.

Shortly after the Burnside Road W intersection, pop onto highway 1 for about a kilometer.

Take the next exit (Exit 14 – Sooke and the Highlands) and stay RIGHT, to take you onto Millstream Road.

Stay on this road, and keep LEFT across a bridge (do not go right onto Millstream Lake Road).

Take a LEFT onto Caleb Pike Road and registration is at the end.

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