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Results – Speedway – May 2, 2018

3 May

Here are the final (corrected) results from the May 2nd race – thanks Patrick. Some of the adjustments that have been made (in the C Race) will only be evident on the IRC page – at the moment, we cannot correct the Webscorer results due to software glitches.

See the IRC page for official results

Just another reminder, if you have previously registered and received a number for one race category, then you decide to change categories, please see me before the race to get a new number. It is manually intensive to adjust the race results on the timing chip system – thanks.

Another great night of racing at the Speedway, with our largest turnout of the year. 25 in the A Race, 28 in the B Race and 21 in the C Race – nice work everyone, thanks for coming out and supporting local grass-roots racing!!



Results – Willis Point HC – April 29, 2018

30 Apr

Full race results (without times) are available here – Powered by IRC.

Nice work everyone – timers and racers.

Willis Pt Apr 2018

Results – Speedway #1 – April 25, 2018

28 Apr

First off, thanks to Tripleshot and its volunteers for hosting the race on a beautiful night. Full race results are available here, with season standings here – Powered by IRC. See the Webscorer page for more detail on lap times etc. Thanks to Patrick Burnham for those results.

Just a quick heads-up to those group riders who don’t race – the combined age of the top 10 in the B Race was 510 years (versus 301 for top 10 As) – that’s like 66% more!!! Get out here – it’s fun.

Powered by IRC


Results – Western Speedway #1 – April 25, 2018

26 Apr

Preliminary results have been posted here. These will be copied to the IRC Results and added to Standings in the next few days.

Thanks for coming out everyone – it was a beautiful night for racing.


VCL – Western Speedway – Apr 25, 2018

24 Apr

The Speedway races start tomorrow evening, and run for four consecutive Wednesdays.

5:30 pm: sign-on opens

$15 entry

6:00 pm: C Race start (20 min plus 5 laps)
6:30 pm: B Race start (25 min plus 5 laps)
7:00 pm: A Race start (30 min plus 5 laps)

See you there,


Results – Caleb Pike #2 – April 22, 2018

22 Apr

Great day of racing in the sunshine today, thanks to all the volunteers, organizers and racers – good clean day of racing.

Race results are available here. There are some adjustments to be made to the B Race, and things should be final tomorrow. Powered by IRC.

Results also available on Webscorer.

Note – for those racers who changed categories (without getting a new number), please turn in your previous number at the next race, and we will provide one for the new category. Thank you!


Results – Caleb Pike #1 – April 15, 2018

15 Apr

Quick update, with more info to follow tomorrow. Race results are posted here, and will be added to the IRC page tomorrow also.

Thanks to all the volunteers, and to the new race hosts. We were a little late starting, but, I think racing went off without a hitch! Thanks everyone!!