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Results – Vanc Island Motorsport Race Track

9 Jun

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC. Thanks to everyone who came out, I think we can all agree that this is a venue that we’d really like to visit again. We raised some money for Light On PTSD, and they are very thankful.

A Race
1st Place – Jackson Bocksnick – Hewdog Racing
2nd Place – Brian Green – Wheelers
3rd Place – Raphael Lalumiere – Broad Street Cycles

B Race
1st Place – Dave Trill – Wheelers
2nd Place – Nathan Walsh – Riverway Dental Racing
3rd Place – Garth Campbell – Echappee Victoria Breakaway

C Race
1st Place – Erick Stark – IRC
2nd Place – James Holtz – O2
3rd Place – Jeff Lawrence


Results – Caleb Pike – May 30, 2018

31 May

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.

A Race
1st Place – Nick Monette – Wheelers
2nd Place – Erik Diertens – Trek Red Truck
3rd Place – Parker Bloom – Broad Street Cycles

A Women
1st Place – Megan Rathwell – Broad Street Cycles (12th overall)

B Race
1st Place – Aedan Crocker – Tag Cycling
2nd Place – Trevor Orme – IRC
3rd Place – Vinko Puldrogovac

B Women
1st Place – Kristen Kit – Rise Racing (5th overall)
2nd Place – Holly Henry – TriCanada (7th overall)
3rd Place – Brenna Pauley – Tripleshot (8th overall)

C Race
1st Place – Eric Stark – IRC
2nd Place – Liam Sargent – Tripleshot
3rd Place – Marc Burgess

Thanks to Patrick Burnham for the Chip Timing – see here for lap times etc.

Results – Windsor Park – May 20, 2018

20 May

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.

A Race
1st – Riley Pickrell – Cycling BC
2nd – Nick Rowe – Echappee Victoria Breakaway
3rd – Oliver Evans – H&R Block
1st Woman – Megan Rathwell – Broad Street Cycles – 15th overall

B Race
1st Place – Trevor Orme – IRC
2nd Place – Elijah Louttit – Applewood Garneau
3rd Place – Rick Stark – Echappee Victoria Breakaway

B Women
1st Place – Shannon Baerg – IRC
2nd Place – Kristen Kit – Broad Street Cycles
3rd Place – Casey Garrison – Tripleshot

C Race
1st Place – Eric Stark – IRC
2nd Place – James Holtz – O2
3rd Place – Paul Christopher – Tripleshot

C Women
1st Place – Donna Stokes (9th overall)
2nd Place – Kathleen Smith – Tripleshot – (10th overall)
3rd Place – Jessica Payne (12th overall)

Results – Speedway – May 16, 2018

18 May

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.

Results are also available on Webscorer, however, there were some timing chip errors that cannot be corrected due to software issues.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, there was an incredible 88 racers out on Wednesday! Nice work, keep it up everyone, and we will see you on Sunday at Windsor Park.

2018 Omnium Standings

16 May

We are running some neck and neck Omnium standings after two events (with tonight’s Speedway to go).

A Men
Two individuals have done both events so far, and either could win, statistically.
Andrew McCartney – Echappee Victoria Breakaway – 20 points
Gordon Tulip – Broad Street Cycles – 16 points

B Men
There are five individuals in the running:
Dave Trill – Wheelers – 20 points
Paul O’Callaghan – Echappee Victoria Breakway – 16 points
Michael Arensen – Tripleshot – 13 points
David Shishkoff – Victoria Organic Athlete – 12 points
Joe Barrett – Echappee Victoria Breakaway – 11 points

C Men
Neck and neck here:
James Holtz – O2 – 18 points
Alen Fazlegic – Tripleshot – 18 points

See you all tonight for the the last event.

Speedway May 16th – Start Time

16 May

Please note – tonight’s race will start at 6:00 PM, as have all previous races. It was slated to begin at 6:30, but, the organizers decided to remain with the earlier start. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Results – Western Speedway – May 9, 2018

10 May

Result shave now been (mostly) posted to the IRC Page, and the Webscorer Page. There are a few additions/adjustments that will be made (for missing riders and missed chip-reads) over the next day or two – come back soon, and come back often – Powered by IRC.

Nice big groups in each race – with 75 total racers!!! Love it, good clean racing.