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Broad Street Cycles VCL Omnium

16 Jun

Broad Street Cycles VCL Omnium! Or should we say … KOMnium?

We’ve had some weird weather lately, with words like ‘rain’ and ‘Juneuary’ being thrown around, so it’s time to heat things up with MORE RACING!

So, in conjunction with Victoria Cycling League (VCL), we’re hosting an Omnium event! This Sunday through Wednesday, June 18-21.
Some of you may have noticed this event on VCL’s website. We’ve had to adapt a little with Observatory HC’s cancellation but, with ALL THESE PRIZES TO GIVE AWAY the race must go on!! This will be a three event Omnium, comprised of:

1) Mt. Doug STRAVA Challenge – June 18/19
2) Sidney TT – June 21 – Sidney Velo
3) Caleb Pike Road Race – June 22 – Dr. Walker Cycling

Full details, including prize structure, categories, and helpful Strava tips for the uninitiated will be available Noon, Friday June 16th at:


Windsor Park Start Times – May 21, 2017

20 May

C Race – 8:30 AM – Sign on begins at 8:00 AM

B Race – 9:15 AM – Sign on as soon as C Race begins

A Race – 10:30 AM – Sign on as soon as B Race begins.

Results – Speedway #3 – May 17, 2017

17 May

(Almost) Full Race Results are available here – Powered by IRC.

There were/are issues figuring out many of the non-point placings in the A Race, they will be added as (and if) they are figured out.

B Race
1st Place – Rich Martin – Wheelers
2nd Place – Aedan Crocker – Tripleshot
3rd Place – Thomas Hill – Tripleshot

B Women
1st Place – Denise Mahon – ProKitty Raacing (8th overall)
2nd Place – Deborah Snell – Wheelers – (12th overall)
3rd Place – Saskia Kowallik – Wheelers – (13th overall)

C Race
1st Place – James Holtz – O2
2nd Place – Remy Garrison – Tripleshot
3rd Place – Alan Boden –

C Women
1st Place – Lindsey Chamberlain – (4th overall)
2nd Place – Laura Morrissey – Tripleshot (5th overall)

A Race
1st Place – Mitchell Ketler – Smart Savvy Garneau
2nd Place – Nick Monette – Wheelers
3rd Place Isaac LeBlanc – Wheelers

A Women
1st Place – Megan Rathwell – Broadstreet

Results – Speedway #1 – May 3, 2017

3 May

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.

C Race
1st Place – Remy Garrison – Tripleshot
2nd Place – Casey Garrison – Tripleshot
3rd Place – James Holtz – O2

C Women
1st Place – Casey Garrison – Tripleshot (2nd overall)
2nd Place – Rowan Belanger – ProCity (6th overall)
3rd Place – Talia Hill – Tripleshot (9th overall)

B Race
1st Place – Vinko Poldrugovac
2nd Place – Roland Rabien – ProCity
3rd Place – Trevor Orme – IRC

B Women
1st Place – Denise Mahon – ProCity (6th overall)
2nd Place – Brenna Pauly – Tripleshot (12th overall)
3rd Place – Deborah Snell – Wheelers (13th overall)

A Race
1st Place – Eugene Hahn – Wheelers
2nd Place – Isaac LeBlanc – Wheelers
3rd Place – Maxim Ellison – Wheelers

A Women
1st Place – Erin Attwell – Trek Red Truck (17th overall)

May 3rd – Speedway

2 May

Note from Tripleshot

Sign-up starts at 5:30 pm


C: 6 pm

B: 6:30 pm

A: 7:15 pm

Add 30 minutes to start times as the days get longer (either next week or the week after. I will let you all know).

If you get dropped you can jump back in when the pack comes round again, as Lister mentioned.  Yes, don’t challenge for the sprint if you are a lap down, unless you’ve been given a ‘free lap’ by the organizers.

This year we will have a 2-sprint finish if there are two or more people in the field that have lapped the group.  That will be explained in more detail on site, but the short-version is this:  First bell for the field followed by a second bell for the lap-ahead leaders a few laps later.

No disks, no enclosed wheels, no fixed-wheels.

No free 2nd race for the winners this year…. because you’ll be busy accepting your awards.

Finally, try to arrive with a $10 bill.  Making change can be an issue.  Or, if you have a twenty, offer to pay for someone else this week in return for a freebie next.


VCL Velodrome – Learn to Race – April 26, 2017

29 Apr

For the last two Wednesdays the GVVA hosted the VCL racers at the Westshore Parks Velodrome. Under the tutelage of Alex Hui, VCL racers were schooled in the art of track cycling. Make no mistake, it is very different than road cycling.

The first session consisted of basic track etiquette, equipment differences, as well as some technical skills (standing starts, dive bombing to sprint, among other things including team sprints). The following Wednesday, we dove right into racing. We had about 20 racers out, and they were split up into an A and B groups.

After warm-ups, the Bs did a 15-lap Scratch Race, while the As did 20-laps – a Scratch Race is essentially a crit, where the first racers across the finish line wins. Then we moved onto an Elimination Race – where after a neutral lap, the last racer across the Start/Finish line each subsequent lap was eliminated. Finally, we did 15/20 lap Tempo Races. In the Tempo Race we did one neutral lap, then 5 race laps, after which we had 15/20 point laps. One point was awarded for the first person across the line each time, and if a rider lapped the field, that rider was awarded 20 points. Individual riders who were lapped were pulled from the race.

While no VCL points were awarded for these races, I will try to get the finish results, and share them here. Thanks to Alex, and all the GVVA people who helped out, we had a great time, and I know you have at least one more interested neophyte track rider in the making.

Trevor – who never forgot to stop pedalling, well, except for just once…

Results – Caleb #2 – April 9, 2017

9 Apr

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.


A Race
1st Place – Andrew Russell – Wheelers
2nd Place – Eugene Hagn – Wheelers
3rd Place – Nick Friesen – Tripleshot
1st Place Woman – Megan Rathwell – Broad Street Cycles – 9th Overall

B Race
1st Place – Mick Bryson – Wheelers
2nd Place – Jesse Gough – ProCity
3rd Place – Trevor Orme – IRC

B Women
1st Place – Callie Swan – Tag Racing (11th overall)
2nd Place – Hannah Henry – TriCanada (12th overall)
3rd Place – Saskia Kowallik – Wheelers (17th overall)

C Race
1st Place – Deborah Snell – Wheelers
2nd Place – Devon Norris – Cycle Therapy
3rd Place – Isla Walker – Tripleshot

C Women
1st Place – Deborah Snell – Wheelers (1st overall)
2nd Place – Isla Walker – Tripleshot (3rd overall)
3rd Place – Megan Barnes – Tripleshot (5th overall)

Thanks everyone for coming out. There were a few B-Racers that did NOT sign-on, making compilation of the results more difficult than they need to be, please be sure to sign-on in the future.