VCL 2023 – Proposed Schedule

27 Feb

Hello all, welcome to 2023. After a long hiatus, work has been going on for a while now trying to put together a 2023 schedule. Below you will find the almost finalized version. There may be a few tweaks, but, we thought sharing what we have would be helpful. Evaluate how your training is coming along, earmark some dates where your partner/kids/friend can sign up to volunteer and help marshal a corner, and otherwise start them mental preparations.

We have put together a group that is working on a new communications plan/package. We hope to renew and refresh the website, and generally just provide a whole lot more information. Stay tuned.

We also have a number of people working on developing a central volunteer database. We are looking to take some pressure off the Race Hosts (who already have enough on their plates), and provide an electronic portal where friends of the VCL can sign-up to help out on any number of race venues and days. Stay tuned.

Entries noted in RED are proposed VCL events. We are still in the process of seeking municipal approvals, and getting the liability insurance into place. But, it at least gives you something to think about.


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