Bonus Race!!

5 Aug

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

Exciting News – Bonus Race – Windsor Park

We are offering a bonus VCL Race on Sunday August 14 at Windsor Park. Cap-off the road racing season, tune your legs for Cross, and just enjoy a good hard day on the road. The race agenda is as follows:

Youth Clinic – 8am – 30 min

Open/Youth/C Group – 8:45-9:15am – Estimated 25 min + 5 laps

B Group – 9:30-10:30am – Estimated 45 min + 5 laps

A Group – 10:45-12:00pm – Estimated 50 min + 5 laps

Registration Fee – $20

Registration Link –

Prizes and Primes offered courtesy of Phillips Brewing Company, Burnt Bridge Classic Gravel Fondo, and more.


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