Results – Caleb Pike – May 30, 2018

31 May

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.

A Race
1st Place – Nick Monette – Wheelers
2nd Place – Erik Diertens – Trek Red Truck
3rd Place – Parker Bloom – Broad Street Cycles

A Women
1st Place – Megan Rathwell – Broad Street Cycles (12th overall)

B Race
1st Place – Aedan Crocker – Tag Cycling
2nd Place – Trevor Orme – IRC
3rd Place – Vinko Puldrogovac

B Women
1st Place – Kristen Kit – Rise Racing (5th overall)
2nd Place – Holly Henry – TriCanada (7th overall)
3rd Place – Brenna Pauley – Tripleshot (8th overall)

C Race
1st Place – Eric Stark – IRC
2nd Place – Liam Sargent – Tripleshot
3rd Place – Marc Burgess

Thanks to Patrick Burnham for the Chip Timing – see here for lap times etc.


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