2018 Season Updates

19 Mar

I hope this update finds everyone well-advanced in their spring training programs. To mark the beginning of the season, and to regale achievements of last year’s season, we are once again going to gather at the Sports View Lounge at the Oak Bay Rec Centre. Wednesday April 4th, from 7 PM to 9 PM – please see the Facebook event, and RSVP so we can have enough appies available.

There are some changes to the upcoming season. The season has been abridged somewhat, starting a little later than in the past, and ending in July, rather than carrying-on into August. Additionally, in order to ease the substantial volunteer effort that is required to compile and post race results, we will be introducing the use of timing chips!! The unavoidable aspect of this change is that race fees are having to go up somewhat.

At the first race, racers will need to bring their signed 2018 WAIVER, and $8.00 to purchase a timing chip and a cloth race number. This number pair will do you the entire season, and there will be a year-end draw for those who return their timing chips after the last race. Additionally, race fees will increase by $5 to accommodate the new timing system.

Please visit the Victoria Cycling League Facebook event page and RSVP for the launch party, and then when that is done, we’ll see you on April 15th at Caleb Pike.



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