Results – Windsor #1 – May 21, 2017

21 May

Full race results are available here – Powered by IRC.

A Race
1st Place – Nick Rowe – ProCity
2nd Place – Isaac LeBlanc – Wheelers
3rd Place – Nick Monette – Wheelers
1st Woman – Megan Rathwell – Broad Street (22nd overall)

B Race
1st Place – Thomas Hill – Tripleshot
2nd Place – Trevor Orme – IRC
3rd Place – Rich Martin – Wheelers

B Women
1st Place – Deborah Snell – Wheelers (7th overall)
2nd Place – Sarah Van Dam – Tripleshot (8th overall)
3rd Place – Denise Mahon – ProCity (10th overall)

C Race
1st Place – Paul Christopher – Tripleshot
2nd Place – James Holtz – O2
3rd Place – Talia Hill – Tripleshot

C Women
1st Place – Talia Hill – Tripleshot (3rd overall)
2nd Place – Megan Barnes – Tripleshot (6th overall)


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