Volunteers Needed!

24 Mar

We are in need of road marshal volunteers for the North Saanich Kermesse on March 26th. If you can lend a hand, please sign up here


North Saanich Kermese – March 26, 2023

23 Mar

Sunday, March 26 is the second race of the 2023 VCL season, and the second instalment of the North Saanich Kermesse presented by Victoria Wheelers, Oak Bay Bikes, and Brasserie L’ecole. Hit the link below to see all details for this fast, fun and accessible event!


VCL Season Openers – North Saanich Kermesse

14 Mar

March 19th and 26thThe 2023 VCL season opens with back to back Sundays at the popular North Saanich Kermesse!  Presented by Victoria Wheelers, Oak Bay Bikes and Brasserie L’ecole, this event is flat enough to be fast but still inclusive of those new to racing or building their form. The course is located about 5 minutes ride from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, so access from the lower mainland is a breeze. All info for these events including links to the course map and profile, online registration (on site registration will also be available) and category details are available at the link below. There’s also a volunteer sign up link, so if you’re not racing but still want to support grassroots road racing, please consider volunteering. Thanks!


March 19th Results and Photos

VCL 2023 – Proposed Schedule

27 Feb

Hello all, welcome to 2023. After a long hiatus, work has been going on for a while now trying to put together a 2023 schedule. Below you will find the almost finalized version. There may be a few tweaks, but, we thought sharing what we have would be helpful. Evaluate how your training is coming along, earmark some dates where your partner/kids/friend can sign up to volunteer and help marshal a corner, and otherwise start them mental preparations.

We have put together a group that is working on a new communications plan/package. We hope to renew and refresh the website, and generally just provide a whole lot more information. Stay tuned.

We also have a number of people working on developing a central volunteer database. We are looking to take some pressure off the Race Hosts (who already have enough on their plates), and provide an electronic portal where friends of the VCL can sign-up to help out on any number of race venues and days. Stay tuned.

Entries noted in RED are proposed VCL events. We are still in the process of seeking municipal approvals, and getting the liability insurance into place. But, it at least gives you something to think about.

Bonus Race!!

5 Aug

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

Exciting News – Bonus Race – Windsor Park

We are offering a bonus VCL Race on Sunday August 14 at Windsor Park. Cap-off the road racing season, tune your legs for Cross, and just enjoy a good hard day on the road. The race agenda is as follows:

Youth Clinic – 8am – 30 min

Open/Youth/C Group – 8:45-9:15am – Estimated 25 min + 5 laps

B Group – 9:30-10:30am – Estimated 45 min + 5 laps

A Group – 10:45-12:00pm – Estimated 50 min + 5 laps

Registration Fee – $20

Registration Link – https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=285290

Prizes and Primes offered courtesy of Phillips Brewing Company, Burnt Bridge Classic Gravel Fondo, and more.

Final Week of the Race Season

25 Jul

Good afternoon race fans. We are fast approaching the end of the 2022 VCL season, and your last chance to gain remaining-year bragging rights over your friends. Three events remain, and individually they offer a little somethin-somethin for everyone.

Newton Heights this Wednesday, July 27th – climb a hill, suffer immensely, descend and recover ever-so-slightly, then do it again, 10-12-14 more times… Registration is on-site only – be there!!!

Windsor Park Crit – Shim’s Ride Version – see shimsride.ca – all funds raised go to supporting spinal cord research. This pista is a favourite of almost everyone. Sunshine, crowds, prizes, and comradery – let’s try to make it a registration record. Reg HERE AND on-site

Finally, Sunday the 31st offers you the chance to prove your season fitness, with a one-and-done effort up the Observatory. Due to some rather incoherent access restrictions, this event will take place entirely on Strava. An official VCL event, with on-site timing has been rejected by premises officials, so, we are proceeding within its access guidelines. More specific details in the next day or so (but, essentially, you will have the one day to post a result on Strava, then I will tabulate the results.

Tell all you friends, and see you this week!

Newton Heights

9 Jul

My eyes glossed on the schedule, and I missed the fact that there is also a July 14th Newton Race – YEAH!!!!

Go, and make it worth the volunteers’ time! You will feel great satisfaction.

Alert – Maple Bay CANCELLED

9 Jul

With sadness we have to announce that next Sunday’s Maple Bay race is being cancelled. We, unfortunately, have fallen victim to the same issue many face – a lack of bodies.

So, we will see you at Newton for the July 27th (Wed) race, the Saturday July 30th Windsor Park Crit (my favourite), and then potentially the July 31st Observatory Hill Climb (if they open the venue up to group events).

ALERT – North Saanich Race Cancelled

18 May

Due to excessive debris on the course, and more falling as I type, tonight’s race has been cancelled for safety reasons.

Take the night off, sign up for Sunday’s race at Cherry Point, and gather up your candles and hard candy, and prepare the power outages.

I will sit and sigh that my 208lb carcass doesn’t get to dish out the pain to all the lightweights out there – lol…



10 May

After a very long > two year closure, the Observatory grounds have now been re-opened to the public. Please see the official announcement below – please, please please adhere to the restrictions. Do NOT go above the stop sign during Mon-Fri business hours (7AM-5PM). Evenings and weekend are when we can make our way right to the top. Close the gate, be respectful, don’t ride past the stop-sign during the day, and be sure to thank anyone you see there for sharing the space with us!!

Hello All,

Well as we have been closed to Covid 19 for just over 2 years it is time to welcome back the public to our beautiful site. As of today at 9:15 the front gate will be open. Vehicle Gate opening times will be Monday to Friday 9:15-5pm. The man gate at the bottom will be open 24/7. This is subject to change as operational requirements dictate.

We have hired a licensed security guard who will patrol and monitor the public who are accessing the site. All requests and or directions from this guard are to be adhered to at all times. At no time will aggressive or abusive behaviour to anyone on site be tolerated. All rules of the site and road must be followed and respected.

Cyclists are to turn around at the first stop sign in the parking lot to the left as you hit the sign. There is ample room to maneuver and a nice stop in the lot to look at Mt. Baker. During working hours Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, this is the only approved turn around spot. Outside of regular working hours you can continue to the top for more spectacular views. I have included pictures of the stop sign and the turnaround area to the left. Please familiarize yourselves with this. I reiterate that this rule must be followed and no aggressive or abusive behaviour will be tolerated. Reminder that this is private property and by following the outlined rules we will hopefully be able to provide this privilege for years to come. There is no off road cycling allowed anywhere on our site.

Hikers/ Walkers please stay on the road/ hard pack as we have many areas that are currently under restoration / recovery. Many people walk their dogs on site.  If the dogs are under their owners control and do not chase the wildlife (deer) they are not required to be on a leash.  However if it is determined that the dogs are chasing wildlife or impeding staff in any manner then it will be mandatory to have them on a leash. Just so you know, that with the lack of people we have had up here, we have a huge influx of wildlife from deer, bears, racoon, eagles, hawks, and to many birds to name. We are still a Species at Risk site so again please stay to the hard pack so we don’t disturb the habitats of many. Removal of any plants, mushrooms, and or animals is illegal and will not be tolerated. Please take pictures only. It is also unlawful to feed the animals so, again, take pictures only.

If at any time you come in contact with staff or the guard please provide 6’ social distancing and or wear a mask. Covid is still out there and we wish everyone to remain healthy and safe at all times. I can’t stress enough to follow all signage, speed limits, and directions from security and staff. Once again, at no time will aggressive or abusive behaviour be tolerated.