Speedway Update and Windsor Results

30 Aug

Just a quick heads-up, due to rapidly dwindling daylight hours, the races tomorrow evening will be shortened by 5 minutes. The C-race will start at 6:00, and run 15 minutes + 5 laps, the B-race will start at 6:30, and be 20 minutes + 5 laps, with the A-race beginning at 7:00 and running 25 minutes + 5 laps. Registration is available here.

And, in other news, see the VCL Facebook page for Windsor race results. Results will be added to this site in due course.

Metchosin Results and What’s Coming

24 Aug

Thanks to VBCC and Level Ground for putting on a tremendous race race on Sunday – click here for race results.

We are fast closing-in on the end of the 2021 installment of VCL racing, with only three events to go. So, before you start chanting about that fall-fetish of riding knobby tired drop bar bikes on inappropriate terrain, let’s focus on the road for one more week.

We have the following events remaining on the calendar:

Wednesday August 25th – North Saanich Road Race – a new course that promises to offer fast exciting racing, with no stinking hills. Pre-register here, now!

Sunday August 29th – Windsor Park Crit – a classic crit course that is always a fan and racer favourite. Riders from all over the province make the trek over, they pass through the Oak Bay tweed curtain to enter the roadie Thunderdome. Registration will be on-site.

Tuesday August 31st – Western Speedway – registration details to follow – fast, flat and always dizzying – last chance for this one kids!!

While this season came together quite quickly, we have all been amazed by the support. Every single race has been very well-attended, with a fantastic combination of familiar faces, as well as a whole throng of new ones. The race hosts have done a tremendous job of rallying volunteers, seeking municipal approvals, and executing plans like absolute pros – THANK YOU!!

Let’s finish strong – get registered for North Saanich, and let’s get racing.

Metchosin Road Race

18 Aug

For those who like planning ahead, and who may be travelling to Victoria for this Sunday’s road race:

Metchosin Road Race – Sunday August 22nd –

Race Details- Online registration is now available here.

Sign-on is at 10:15 AM (at Hands Helgeson School), with racing starting at 11AM (at corner of Rocky Point Rd and Kangaroo Rd).

– The A race will be 7 laps (56 km),
– The B race will be 6 laps (48 km),
– The C race will be 5 laps (40 km).

Caleb Race Results – Aug 11, 2021

12 Aug

Great turnout last night – lots of familiar faces, and quite a few new ones also. Thanks everyone!

Race results are available here.

We just crossed through the half-way point of VCL 2021, five races to go
– August 17th – Tues – Speedway – circles, oh so many circles
– August 22nd – Sunday – Metchosin Road Race – hilly 8.7 km circuit
– August 25th – Wednesday – North Saanich – flat 5km circuit
– August 29th – Sunday – Windsor Park Crit – famously awesome flat circuit
– August 31st – Tuesday – Speedway – more circles

Online registration will come available for each race several days before the event. Check the VCL Facebook page for more frequent updates.

Caleb Pike – Aug 11th – Registration

9 Aug

Pre-registration is available now by clicking here.

This is the only Caleb race this season, so, don’t miss it!!


Sign-on will take place at the normal location, top of hill, after turning left on Caleb Pike Rd from Millstream Rd.

Results – Newton Heights – July 28, 2021

29 Jul

A category:

1. Ethan Abbott – Wheelers

2. Sam Garber – Tripleshot

3. Forrest Simpson – no team

4. Kevin Park – RDR

5. Erik Diertens – Cycles West

6. Damian Parlee – RDR

7. Andrew McCartney – VBCC

8. Raphael Lalumiere – BSC

9. Brian Green – Wheelers

10. Caleb Bender – TAG

11. Ian Searle – Russ Hays

DNF – Fabian Merino – BSC

DNF – Liam Sargent – WSB

B category:

1. Keisha Besler – Glotman Simpson

2. Brenna Pauly – Red Truck Racing

3. Griffen Hart – Tripleshot

4. Chad Grice – Fort St Cycle

5. Travis Field – Wheelers

6. Micaiah Besler – Glotman Simpson

7. David Jackson – Capital City Cycling

8. Casey Ryder – Wheelers

DNF – Lindsay Burgess – Fort St Cycle

DNF – Kimberly Chen – Tripleshot

C category:

1. Laura Fluit – Element

2. Mehmet Akgun – Tripleshot

3. Tim Wang – Tripleshot

4. Landon Mottishaw – Tripleshot

5. Celeste Wang – Tripleshot

DNF – Jonathan Hart – Tripleshot

Speedway Results – July 27, 2021

29 Jul

C Race

1st Place – Simon Ciceri – Cycles West
2nd Place – Alan Boden – Tripleshot
3rd Place – Paul Brend

1st Female – Justine Calder
2nd Female – Mel Pemble

B Race
1st Place – Jon Watkin – TAG Racing
2nd Place – Trevor Orme – Caveman Racing
3rd Place – Chad Grice – Fort Street Cycles

1st Female – Kimberly Chen – Tripleshot

A Race
1st Place – Clayton Hiltz – Wheelers
2nd Place – Erik Diertens – Cycles West
3rd Place – Nicolas Parlee – RDR

Windsor Park Race Results – July 24, 2021

26 Jul

Unfortunately, due to a late stage crash, no results were published for the C event.

Mill Bay Race Results – July 25, 2021

26 Jul

Thanks so much to Sidney Velo for putting on a great event yesterday. Weather conditions were favourable, and the ever rolling rough surfaced course put everyone on the limit (at one point or another). The volunteers did a fantastic job of pulling-off a safe event. There is often an abundance of traffic around Shawnigan Lake on a summer’s weekend, and this was no exception – we were well marshalled through the village, and vehicles were very accommodating and respectful (from what I saw anyway). Thank you to all!!!

See you Tuesday for Western Speedway

PlcBibLast NameFirst NameClubTime
1122FRASER-MARAUNAlexanderRed Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes1:35:27
2108AMIRIAlexanderTeam Californiast
3119HUBNERLukeDr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team1:35:39
4106ABBOTTEthan st
5111DIERTENSErikCycles Westst
6107BENDERCaleb 1:36:00
7123BOCKSNICKJacksonTaG Cycling Race Team1:37:04
8104PARKKevinRiverway Dental Racing1:39:51
9105TRANStephaneVictoria Wheelersst
10102DUMPERJaymiMid Island Velo Association1:42:35
11121PARLEENicolasRiverway Dental Racingst
DNF109MCCARTNEYAndrewVictoria Breakaway Cycling Club 
DNF120MACLEODChrisRed Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 

PlcOverallBibLast NameFirst NameClubTime
1179DAWSONMichaelVictoria Breakaway Cycling Club1:24:26
2277GIBSONCraig st
3486GODINBenoitTripleshot Cycling Club, Victoria Breakaway Cycling Clubst
4583TRILLDaveVictoria Wheelersst
5984ORMETrevor 1:26:35
61178MCINNESMarkMid Island Velo Association1:27:00
71274JAGADISHSunil st
81380FINDLAYCalumVictoria Wheelersst
91485FIELDTravis st
101576JACKSONDavidDr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team1:28:40
111782GRICEChad st
121973BOTELHOJohnSidney Velo Cycling Club-1 lap
DNFDNF87WATKINJonTaG Cycling Race Team 
DNSDNS81RYDERCaseyTripleshot Cycling Club 
1394WALKERIslaTripleshot Cycling Club1:24:26
2693BESLERKeisha 1:26:15
3791SIMONSONHollyRed Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes1:26:35
4896BESLERMicaiah st
51097PAULYBrennaRed Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes1:26:50
61692EUSTACEDominique Element Race Team1:28:40
71895BURGESSLindsay st
82090DENNINGHillerieElement Race Team-1 lap
PlsOverallBibLast NameFirst NameClubTime
11548LANGLOISCharlesTripleshot Cycling Club1:15:32
22552MURLEYScott 1:16:00
33547BURNSJames 1:16:37
45553YEARWOODBill 1:18:27
56544CICERIEricCycles West1:22:21
67545CICERISimonCycles Westst
78549HOLTZJamesSidney Velo Cycling Clubst
810550HOOVERIrvin 1:25:40
911551HOTCHKISSLachlanDr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team1:33:03
1012546GRIGYSalomonDr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team-1 lap
14530NEALChristineElement Race Team1:16:37
29532LECHASSEURMarie-ChantalVictoria Wheelers1:22:21

Windsor and Mill Bay info

23 Jul

Just a quick reminder of the 2021 VCL Summer Season – see below.

We have a double header coming up this weekend, with the Windsor Park crit on Saturday, and Mill Bay RR on Sunday.

Spread the word, and we hope to see you all this weekend.

The Windsor race kicks-off 8:30 for the C-Race, 9:30 for the B-Race and 10:30 for the A-Race – if sufficient nbrs of mini-humans around, there could be a kid-race between the B and A events.

The race costs $20, and will have on-site registration only.

Juniors and Wheelers are free.

For Sunday, race registration for Mill Bay can be done online at CCNbikes.comhttps://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/12577-mill-bay-road-race – click link for all details.

If you haver any issues, there will be on-site registration also.

Season Schedule

– July 14 – Wed – Newton Heights – Wheelers
– July 18 – Sun – Cherry Point RR – VBCC
– July 24 – Sat – Windsor Park – Oak Bay Bikes / Wheelers
– July 25 – Sun – Mill Bay RR – Sidney Velo
– July 27 – Tues – Speedway – Tripleshot
– July 28 – Wed – Newton Heights – Wheelers
– Aug 11 – Wed – Caleb – Broad Street VBCC
– Aug 17 – Tues – Speedway – Tripleshot
– Aug 22 – Sun – Metchosin RR – VBCC
– Aug 25 – Wed – North Saanich – Wheelers (new course)
– Aug 29 – Sun – Windsor Park – OBB/Wheelers
– Aug 31 – Tues – Speedway – Tripleshot